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Kids will automatically be dropped to wallets containing alive Simpians parents.

Limited Lifetime

Each Simpian has a limited lifetime that spans a 80-100 days (or about 3 months).


Mini games where owners will be able to enter their Simpians into challenges such as arena tournaments and giant battles with decorative prizes that can be passed down generations.


Trade your Simpian NFT characters with others using our Solana Metaplex store created to securely facilitate transactions.


Each Simpian character has a number of attributes that makes them standout and unique. The 3 basic attributes are Strength/Intelligence/Agility, other attributes include characteristics and occupations. Each of these attributes affect the next generation of Simpians as genes and experience are passed down generations.

Visual Novelty

Each Simpian character is procedurally generated from the given DNA that gets passed down generations and gets mixed from both parents. After this process each character image is altered by AI image-to-image transformation to add the novelty and visual excellence to make them look the best they can and vary to any degree that is possible.

What is Simpians?

My name is Tom Skazinski and I am the creator of Simpians.

In 2010, I started ideating Simpians which has turned into a multigenerational matching strategy simulation web game - the name came from Simulated Homo Sapiens.

I've always been fascinated with evolution, heredity, and how life procreates throughout generations to create majestic family trees that grow exponentially until pedigree collapse making us all related to the same individuals living in the past. Plus, I am a big strategy gamer myself! I wanted to create something like nothing else had ever experienced with depth, purpose, and novelty like never before.

I wanted the world to be able to play a simulation of what has happened to their family trees in the past but in a simulated and entertaining way! In 2014-2016, I released the first Simpians web game which gave me valuable lessons. Now in 2022, the technologies to create what I've always envisioned have finally come together, namely NFTs with the ability of players to own pieces of the game experience which are the Simpian characters, and AI image manipulation to add the extra details and flair to make the characters come to life!

Simpians NFTs are unlike anything out there! Firstly, it is not like any NFT game or project out there because Simpian NFTs have limited lifespans. I don't want players to hold onto Simpian NFTs for the purpose of speculating their future value, that is why they need to be temporal in the utility of their existence. The excitement comes from finding out what the next generation of Simpians gets dropped in your wallet and not what you are holding. It's a dynamic way of looking at NFTs and not static as it's currently out there. NFTs will become something else over time, something that represents ownership and participation in a dynamic contextual element in a larger simulated representation like a dynamic virtual world that changes over time, and your actions change the overall dynamic.

Each Simpian NFT card will include the AI-altered image of the original DNA representation of the Simpian plus a unique background image of where that Simpian lives. The image will get updated on the blockchain once the Simpian character has passed after 80-100 days letting players know this character is no longer living and not able to be played or create offspring.

Future features will include mini-games or challenges where owners will be able to enter their Simpians into arena tournaments and giant battles. Winning these challenges will yield medals or other items that will pass down generations as family prized possessions.

Sign up and share this game with your friends. Once there are enough players registered, a closed beta release will be initiated!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Once the beta is completed and feedback is implemented it could be as early as mid-2023.

Working as an independent indie developer the only way to create a way for players to be able to safely and securely buy/trade/sell these characters is to leverage the existing technology of blockchain NFTs.

This will still be determined but the plan is to have a low cost of entry so more people can enjoy it.

For anyone who signs up for the beta release you will have a chance to receive free Simpians on the solana devnet blockchain where tokens don't cost anything. We simply ask you to provide feedback during the experience and once we go live two Simpians will be sent to all beta testers that provide constructive feedback.